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Chicking offers Great exciting opportunities across the world. Chicking is one the fastest
growing fast-food Chain in the world. With more than 1000 people working across 15 countries,
Chicking Team is global and we're always looking for talented, motivated people to
join our extraordinary team.

Full Time Jobs in Chicking Worldwide

On an average each Chicking restaurant employs as many as 20 people. You can find job openings from crew to the restaurant manager. If you wish to work in the food industry then Chicking is the best brand to select. Once you gain experience working in this multinational brand doors are thrown open to limitless career opportunities.

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Our Current Vacancies

General Manager

This post requires you to be fully responsible for the management, operation and profitability of the business. You need to set goals and objectives for the company and ensure complete customer satisfaction.


Assistant Restaurant

This designation requires you to take care of all aspects of restaurant operations. The onus of recruitment and scheduling of restaurant staff lies entirely on you. Motivating staff to augment your restaurant’s sales and profit levels is also one of your primary tasks.


Assistant Restaurant

In this capacity you learn the basic needs of the Quick Service Restaurant industry. You will be required to coach, train, and motivate staff members. You get excellent salary and perks in this post.

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